Introduces Her Most Thrilling Program Yet
Startling Sleight of Hand
Marvelous Mental Mysteries
Bewildering Illusions
Spirit Visits
Following her feats performed in My Body Is a Book of Rules and Starvation Mode,
The Conjurer Elissa Washuta returns
With a Series of her Original Experiments,
Incomprehensible Mysterious Surprises,
and a Display of Fourth Dimensional Wonders
in her book






Watch her defeat the devil, banish spirits, and perform feats of impossible witchery !



“In brilliant, clear-eyed prose, Elissa Washuta maps a magical passage into (and back out of) the underworld, through knotty legacies of violence and longing and love. Part history, part riddle, part portal: this book worked on me like a spell. I've never read anything like White Magic, and will be returning to it again and again.”

—Claire Comstock-Gay, author of Madame Clairevoyant’s Guide to the Stars


“Elissa Washuta is exactly the writer we need right now: as funny as she is formidable a thinker, as thoughtful as she is inventive—her scrutiny is a fearless tool, every subject whittled to its truest form. White Magic is a bracingly original work that enthralled me in a hypnosis on the other side of which I was changed for the better, more likely to trust my own strange intelligence.”

—Melissa Febos, author of Whip Smart, Abandon Me, and Girlhood







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