Introduces Her Most Thrilling Program Yet
Startling Sleight of Hand
Marvelous Mental Mysteries
Bewildering Illusions
Spirit Visits
Following her feats performed in My Body Is a Book of Rules and Starvation Mode,
The Conjurer Elissa Washuta returns
With a Series of her Original Experiments,
Incomprehensible Mysterious Surprises,
and a Display of Fourth Dimensional Wonders
in her book






Watch her defeat the devil, banish spirits, and perform feats of impossible witchery !



“In brilliant, clear-eyed prose, Elissa Washuta maps a magical passage into (and back out of) the underworld, through knotty legacies of violence and longing and love. Part history, part riddle, part portal: this book worked on me like a spell. I've never read anything like White Magic, and will be returning to it again and again.”

—Claire Comstock-Gay, author of Madame Clairevoyant’s Guide to the Stars


“Elissa Washuta is exactly the writer we need right now: as funny as she is formidable a thinker, as thoughtful as she is inventive—her scrutiny is a fearless tool, every subject whittled to its truest form. White Magic is a bracingly original work that enthralled me in a hypnosis on the other side of which I was changed for the better, more likely to trust my own strange intelligence.”

—Melissa Febos, author of Whip Smart, Abandon Me, and Girlhood


Preordering the book or requesting that your library purchase it will get you access to THE SPIRIT CABINET, a pre-publication visual dossier of pieces of research and memory from the book. For access, send a note to; simply write that you have preordered or requested library purchase and would like an invitation.






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