Starvation Mode

In Starvation Mode: A Memoir of Food, Consumption, and Control, Elissa Washuta crafts a personal accounting of her struggle for culinary control, and presents the guidelines she followed as she attempted to shape her body and mind through the food she consumed.

The book’s seemingly simple structure (a series of rules to eat and live by) contrasts with the powerful way she pulls readers into a complicated story of our needs and the cultural pressures that shape us.

Starvation Mode is ~15k words, a mini-memoir just made for a single evening’s read.

Instant Future is an eBook-only imprint from Future Tense Books, a micropress out of Portland, OR that has been in operation for over 20 years. Instant Future is a home for long essays, stories, or poems that are stylistically innovative, intensely personal, and of a misfit length—too long for a journal and too short for a printed book.


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