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This is the entire list of the essays and interviews I selected while I was Saturday editor for The Rumpus, February to October 2016.



"A House, A Girl" by Ashley Inguanta

"Veronica Dies in Jamaica" by Kade Walker

"Accidental Curators" by Steven D. Howe

"Predation" by Cindy Lamothe

"I Wanted to Be Sure to Reach You" by Haley Swanson

"Thoughts on my DNA Results" by Tyrese L. Coleman

"Used to Be Schwartz" by Anca Szilágyi

"The Kill Shot" by Yvonne Conza

"Instructions for Replicating a Bad Summer" by Megan Burbank

"DNA" by Nicole Walker

"69 Love Songs" by Ben Wirth

"Infarct, I Did" by Jane Eaton Hamilton

"The Leaving Deficit" by Terese Marie Mailhot

"Self-Portrait with Parts Missing and/or Smeared" by Michael Wasson

"Heirlooms" by Naseem Jamnia

"Pain Scale Treaties" by Laura Da'

"Night" by Theo Pauline Nestor

"Twenty-Three Pieces of the Sunset Bowl" by Kate Lebo

"Surprising the Psychic" by Chip Livingston

"Opening the Hump" by Oddný Eir 

"Fairy Tales, Trauma, Writing into Dissociation" by Sasha LaPointe



Angela Flournoy interviewed by Deesha Philyaw

Christina Stoddard interviewed by Renee Simms

Vivian Lee interviewed by Katie Salisbury

Jay Deshpande interviewed by K.T. Billey

Storme Webber interviewed by Carol Edelman Warrior

Darryl Pinckney interviewed by Deesha Philyaw

Kamden Hilliard interviewed by Gale Thompson

Tara Laskowski interviewed by Tyrese L. Coleman

Keith Newton interviewed by Randall Tyrone

Cristina García and Truong Tran interviewed by Michelle Marie Wallace

Leslie Pietrzyk interviewed by Tyrese L. Coleman

Jesse Lee Kercheval interviewed by Chip Livingston

Ramona Ausubel interviewed by Penny Perkins

Eden Robinson interviewed by Helga Schimkat

Tommy Pico interviewed by Michaelsun Stonesweat Knapp

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